Wireless irrigation systems

Jerry Pisano
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pisano started his career at General Electric Research & Development in Schenectady, New York working on various memory projects.

He most recently served with Epson America’s OEM division as Regional Sales manager, ending his career at Epson after 22 years as National Strategic Business manager. His executive experience in marketing, sales, and corporate management are the basis for his responsibilities at Aquaterr.

Mr. Pisano holds two patents both related to memory technology. He is a U.S. Navy veteran.
Michael Kiss
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Kiss has extensive experience in the aerospace industry specializing in radio and radio related technologies.

He is responsible for many radio/radar instruments and technology still in operation today. Mr. Kiss was the founder of Ravalco, Inc., and developed the first radio based Ravalco product, the basis of the products still in production today at Aquaterr.

Mr. Kiss holds several patents related to radio and radar technology.

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