Aquaterr Cuts Costs of Irrigation With The Only Wireless,
Solar-Powered Irrigation Control System Offering A 5-Mile Range

Aquaterr cuts irrigation costs with the only wireless, solar-powered irrigation system that can transmit a non line-of-sight signal up to 5 miles away.

This system lowers the cost of irrigation through more precise control of water usage and by eliminating the need for underground wires used for signal transmission and electrical power in the field. Optional soil sensors provide additional water conservation by permitting irrigation only when needed as defined by the irrigation schedule.

In addition to reducing costs for new installations, irrigators have found that replacing existing buried wires with the wireless Aquaterr system is more cost effective than continually repairing wires chewed by animals or damaged by equipment. Considerable cost savings are also realized by eliminating existing zone controllers and centralizing control.

How Aquaterr Systems Work

The system works with all brands of AC or DC commercial controllers and any size electric valve with latching solenoid. A transmitter, located in a building with electrical power, communicates instructions originating from a commercial irrigation controller or PC. The transmitter sends a uniquely encoded and redundant signal from an antenna to valve-actuating receivers which control up to 96 valves. The signal can be received across roads, valleys and rivers. A unique radio design also allows transmission around trees, hills, fences and buildings. No radio license is required and there are no cell phone costs.

When the receivers get the signal, they actuate the solenoids installed in the valves to be controlled. Capable of actuating 1, 2, 4 or 8 valves independently, each receiver is a standalone unit powered by a battery that is continuously recharged by a small solar panel. Receivers can function for several weeks without sunshine, and the rechargeable batteries last up to five years before needing replacement.

In agricultural applications, receivers are typically mounted on short poles. They are buried in the ground for turf applications and are mounted on surfaces in vandal-proof locked boxes for municipal use.

According to Jerry Pisano, Aquaterr’s CEO, “Compared with hard-wired systems, Aquateer offers quicker installation, lower lifetime maintenance and in many cases, the lowest initial purchase and installation cost. For existing manual systems, wireless conversion is the lowest cost and fastest way to achieve fully automated irrigation.” 

Aquaterr systems with soil moisture sensors qualify for water conservation rebates throughout the world. “Check with your local governing agencies to see if a rebate may apply to you,” Pisano added. 

About Aquaterr

Aquaterr improves the quality and consistency of crops and turf through products that promote the efficient use of water. The soil measurement instruments and wireless remote control devices the company designs, develops and manufactures have been used globally since 1985.

In 2007, Aquaterr Instruments & Automation, LLC acquired the technology, expertise and management of Aquaterr Instruments, Inc, a manufacturer of measurement probes. The company in 2006 had previously acquired Ravalco, Inc. a manufacturer of wireless activated devices used with irrigation pumps and valves.

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