Wireless irrigation systems
Valve Actuating Transmitter

The Aquaterr Remote Pump Control Kit moves water wirelessly, interfacing your existing reservoir sensor to your existing pump. Lowest cost to automate. No wires to dig and bury, and no consideration of terrain results in faster installation at a lower cost with excellent return on investment.

Non-line-of-sight radio signals.
line-of-sight transmitters must be able to “see” their receivers.
Obstacles like tall crops, buildings, trees and hills block transmissions. With Aquaterr’s wireless system,
these obstacles are transparent. Non-line-of-sight also transmits further, which is why the Aquaterr system reliably transmits and receives signals for a radius of five miles.

When no A/C is available at the reservoir location, the Aquaterr Transmitting unit can be powered with an optional solar panel and rechargeable battery.

Solar Panels keep Transmitters and Receivers powered up, and when fully powered, can function for several weeks without sunshine! The rechargeable batteries last up to five 5 years.

No radio license purchase is required for this radio system and no cellular phone bills. These radio
communication airwaves are free!


Valve Actuating Transmitters

Options: Various antenna types and lengths available *n/a (not applicable)
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