Wireless irrigation systems
Valve Actuating Transmitter
Lowest Cost to Automate. The most cost effective, lowest cost-per-valve wireless receiver sets a new price-point for wireless valve automation. The VAR-8/AC is ideal for potted nurseries, greenhouses, or wherever power is available at the valve.

Reliable Radio System. Aquaterr’s radio signals are foolproof and unable to be tampered with. Each transmitted instruction is encoded with redundancy to assure reliable irrigation control.

Five Mile Non-line-of-sight radio signals.
Line-of-site transmitters have to be able to “see” their receivers.

Obstacles like buildings, trees and hills block transmissions. With Aquaterr’s non-line-of-sight wireless system, these obstacles are transparent. Aquaterr’s receivers function reliably within a radius of five miles from the controller/transmitter.

No radio license purchase is required for this radio system and no cellular phone bills. These radio communication airwaves are FREE!


Valve Actuating Transmitters

Options: Ground level valve box - Latching Solenoid - Moisture Sensor
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