Wireless irrigation systems
Valve Actuating Transmitter

Valve Actuating Receiver’s (VAR’s) are ideal for both agriculture and turf applications. Whether your system is manual or wired, if you are ready to implement an automated irrigation plan, Aquaterr’s Wireless System may be your best option.

Lowest Cost to Automate. The cost of the automotion equipment is far less expensive than the cost to dig and bury wires, especially for long or obstacle-ridden runs. It is more cost effective to replace buried wire systems with the Aquaterr wireless VAR system than to continuously repair wires that have been
chewed by varmints or damaged by earth moving equipment.

Non line-of-sight radio signals. line-of-sight transmitters have to be able to “see” their receivers. Obstacles like buildings, trees and hills block transmissions. With Aquaterr’s wireless system, these obstacles are transparent. Non-line-of-sight also transmits further, which is why the Aquaterr VAR will reliably receive signals for a radius of five miles.

Qualifies for water conservation rebates by governments throughout the world. Check with your local governing agencies to see if a rebate may apply to you. When moisture sensors are used, watering is only permitted when soil moisture properties require watering, as individually programmed for your watering needs. Sensors buried at various depths determine if watering should begin. Safety overrides are individually programmed for each valve to prevent over watering. Solar panels keep actuators powered up, and when powered-up, can function for several weeks without sunshine! The re-chargeable batteries last up to five (5) years.

No radio license purchase is required for this radio system, and no cellular phone bills. These radio communication
airwaves are FREE!


Valve Actuating Transmitters

Options: Ground level valve box - Latching Solenoid - Moisture Sensor
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