Wireless irrigation systems
Valve Actuating Transmitter

Connects directly to your Commercial Irrigation Controller, and sends programmed radio signals, specially encoded to activate the Aquaterr Receiver to which they are wirelessly linked.

Consolidate Controllers.
Most systems expand without a growth plan, and become service nightmares. Considerable cost savings are realized by eliminating existing controllers while centralizing zone control and improving program and maintenance efficiency.

Expandable from 16 to 96 Stations providing unique radio addresses for each valve actuator.
Expansion can be programmed using the Aquaterr digital system programmer.

Interfaces to all commercial Irrigation Controllers, AC or DC.
Simply connect the wires that now go to the valve solenoids to the Aquaterr VAT. Once programmed, the VAT and VAR’s communicate reliably via wireless signals over any terrain.

Operates with Aquaterr VAR Series Wireless Receivers.
The VAT/VAR series valve actuating transmitter and receivers communicate up to 5 miles apart and offer a new level of ease of automation. In many cases, it allows costly jobs to be inexpensively accomplished. Operates with Aquaterr VAR Pole and Box mount receivers.


Valve Actuating Transmitters

Options: Expandable up to 96 stations; various antenna types and lengths available.         *n/a (not applicable)
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