Wireless irrigation systems
Valve Actuating Transmitter

Connects directly to your commercial irrigation controller, and sends programmed radio signals, specially encoded to activate the Aquaterr Receiver to which they are wirelessly linked.

Great for smaller jobs. When used with the Aquaterr VAR-8/AC, you will achieve the lowest cost-per-valve of any wireless irrigation system available.

Interfaces to all commercial irrigation controllers, AC or DC, simply connect the wires that now go to the valve solenoids to the Aquaterr VAT-8. Once programmed, the VAT and VAR’s communicate reliably via wireless signals over any terrain.

Operates with Aquaterr VAR Series Wireless Receivers. These VAT/VAR series valve actuating transmitter and receivers communicate up to 5 miles apart and offer a new level of ease of automation. In many cases, it allows costly jobs to be inexpensively accomplished. Operates with all Aquaterr Pole, Valve Box and Metal Box receivers.

No radio license purchase is required for this radio system and no cellular phone bills. These radio
communication airwaves are FREE!


Valve Actuating Transmitters

Options: Various antenna types and lengths available.
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