Aquaterr designs, develops, and manufacturers soil measurement instruments and wireless remote control and monitoring devices, a product family which has been serving the irrigation industry since 1968. All of our products are commercial grade using the highest strength and quality materials designed to last years beyond their warranty. Many of our first generation products are still in use, as evidenced by returns for repair.


Aquaterr's technology and expertise, is used in manufacturing soil measurement probes wireless radio control and monitoring devices, as well as remote pump control systems. The company has been delivering innovative irrigation automation and soil measurement products to the irrigation industry throughout the world since 1968. The products have been in production for several years, each having made major contributions to both the agriculture and turf industry sectors.

1968 - The aquatron soil moisture meter the first industrial probe of its kind. The 350 series are the current version of soil probes.

1991 - The wireless valve actuating system for Agriculture 1st generation, analog.

1994 - The wireless remote pump control (RPC) system, 1st generation, analog.

1995 - The wireless valve actuating system for agriculture, 2nd generation, digital.

1997 - The wireless remote pump control system, 2nd generation, digital.

2005 - The M - 300 soil moisture probe.

2005 - The T - 300 soil temperature - moisture probe.

2005 - The EC - 300 soil salinity - temperature - moisture probe.

Our products are based on the philosophy that each must:

1) Provide a solution to an industry opportunity that is synergistic with existing products;

2) Be designed to rigorous standards of durability to meet industry requirements;

3) Be implemented with an intuitive human interface approach.