• 350 Series Soil Measurement Probes used throughout the world.

    "The most versatile, rugged soil measurement instrument on the planet"

  • Remote Pump Control System keep reservoir full without connecting wires (up to 5 miles).

  • A complete family of non-line-of-sight Wireless Valve Actuating Transmitters ideal for use in any terrain.

  • - Wireless Valve Actuating System, ideally packaged for the Agricultural and Landscape / Turf sectors.

    - The system is designed for used by Municipalities, Nurseries, Green houses, Golf courses, and for must retrofits.

Improving the quality and consistency of things that grow by using smart communication technology for monitoring and control.

Aquaterr has led in the development, design, manufacturing, and sales of wireless irrigation control and monitoring devices. These include remote pump control systems and soil probes which are used for the measurement of soil moisture, temperature, and salinity. Our family of products has been serving the irrigation industry since 1968. Our commercial grade products outlast their warranty time. Our wireless irrigation control and monitoring products make automation posible for projects that do not have electric power in the field, or where installing wires would be to expensive. Aquaterr products are green, and water efficient. They provide irrigators with the ability to save 30-40 percent in the use of irrigation water annualy, and a typical return on investment (ROI) in a year. Aquaterr's systems are ideal for use in traffic medians, municipal parks, Home Owners Associations (HOAs) and in all varieties of Agricultural and Turf applications, including Golf. Aquaterr also provides solutions to industries where wireless communication is required. For many applications wherever radio telemetry, remote monitoring or control of equipment is needed, Aquaterrs radio specialist can help. Aquaterr's turnkey wireless systems are designed and manufactured in Costa Mesa, California.

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Aquaterr cuts cost of irrigation with only wireless, irrigation Control System offering a 5-mile range.



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